Meet Sophie Harrison

Amathea - Luxury Interior Design

She went from being an amateur interior designer to becoming a luxury household name in New York City


How Sophie Harrison Started A 6-Figure Luxury Interior Design Business in New York City


Sophie Harrison is a deeply creative and artistic interior designer in New York City. She’s always been driven by the need to create. There is something inside of her that simply has to be expressed – not just occasionally, but every day. Her art is her work and she wants to spend all of her time focused on making that art. 

Sophie's Old Website


Before working with us, Sophie was relying entirely on word-of-mouth marketing, disorganized in delivering her service in a timely manner to clients, and unwilling to sell herself more as most artists strongly dislike selling themselves.

She was hopping from project to project not knowing where her next clients would come from and constantly spread too thin by the numerous tasks and responsibilities of her service-based business. 

She wanted to increase her per-project profit by working with more affluent clients that wanted more luxurious homes, but also not have to sell herself constantly or talk about price with unqualified prospects.  

Her website was several years old, wasn’t producing any new leads, and didn’t represent her in the best light necessary for luxury prospects to want to work with her.  

She was also not present on any social medias or featured in any established press. She had a full plate of responsibilities, couldn’t market or sell herself, and didn’t know how to use technology to help her run her business more efficiently.

Our Approach:

Echo Studio was tasked with the following objectives:

  1. Redefine Amathea’s target market to be specifically geared towards a very specific ideal customer that would meet Sophie’s financial goals.

  2. Interview her ideal customers to figure out their biggest pain-points, problems, fears, obstacles, goals and desires related to designing their luxurious homes.

  3. Systematise and refine Sophie’s service so that it would address her new ideal customers’ needs in the most effective and efficient way possible.

  4. Redesign a cutting-edge, mobile friendly, and aesthetically pleasing website that speaks to her ideal customers needs and informs them about Sophie’s talent, customized services, and preliminary project prices that are tailored to them; all without ever needing to contact her.

  5. Audit different marketing channels to see which were most effective in reaching her ideal customers. Then craft marketing campaigns for the most effective marketing channel, that are designed to drive more traffic to her website.

  6. While on the website, capture the prospects’ information and qualify them as a potential lead or not, so that Sophie could later contact solely the potential leads that could afford her and are a good fit for her services.

  7. Close the prospect by getting them to book an initial consulting call on her website without having to speak to Sophie directly.


Echo Studio adopted an extremely agile approach to the project.

1. First we interviewed Sophie to outline the specific demographics and psychographics of her ideal customers, which turned out to be affluent 40-55 year-old hard working professionals in both New York City and Long Island that wanted a customized luxurious home to relax in and entertain guests in after a grueling work day.

As busy individuals, they naturally wanted the most efficient design process that minimized their dedicated time to the project, but also presented them with several quick options at each developmental stage, so that their home retained a personal and customized feel.

2. Having defined her new ideal target market, we found several potential clients that fit the description and interviewed them about what they were looking for in an interior designer.  We collected this data word-for-word as we knew we would be using their words in the text copy we were going to place on Sophie’s website.

3. Having gathered that data, we consulted with Sophie on how to create customized solutions, systematise and package parts of her process, and automate operational tasks so that she could focus on doing what she loves while we ensured her business operations and services were more clear, efficient, and easy for new prospects to understand.

4. With the new service defined and ready for deployment, we touched base with Sophie every day and actively iterated the design of her new website to reflect the changing content, messaging, branding, and client demands that ultimately shaped Sophie’s new luxury interior design business.

5. In order to meet the ever shrinking 4-month timeline, the Echo Studio team proactively:

  1. acquired all the photography necessary for the website’s design in order to ensure that the full site would be prepared and tested in time for launch

  2. crafted the text copy that detailed and explained Sophie’s portfolio of work and her services as it relates to her ideal customers on the Home Page

  3. explained her expertise and shared her personal story to connect with new visitors of the website on the About Page

  4. built a lead-capturing system that would push visitors to book an initial consulting call with Sophie to start the business relationship with prospects and collect their contact information

  5. integrated an automated questionnaire that would qualify leads as both willing and able to afford Sophie’s services without needing to speak with her directly

6. After a successful and timely launch, we focused on driving visitors to Sophie’s website via Instagram marketing as that proved to be the most effective for her business, likely due to its highly visual platform and emphasis on aesthetics.  

We researched and analyzed the best hashtags related to Sophie’s target market of ideal customers, and selected the top 30 most relevant ones to include in all future posts.

We then crafted and automated the publishing of an initial wave of 30 clickable instagram posts that both exhibited her talent and ran promotions that would drive followers to her website.

7. The instagram marketing campaign garnered a clickthrough rate of 22% and a conversion rate of 1.2%, which lead to capturing 16 qualified leads to book a consulting call with Sophie. 3 of those 16 leads became clients for Sophie


Echo Studio completely revamped and reinvigorated Amathea’s business.

  1. We helped Sophie take her business to the next level by redefining a target market that better fit her needs and allowed her to maximise per project profit

  2. We ensured her new site spoke to her new target market by interviewing actual prospects that shared what they wanted and later became clients because of their interest in an interior design company that was specifically designed to service their unique needs

  3. We sped up Sophie’s lead generation and design process from an undefined and unpredictable endeavor that could take years to a much more clear and efficient process that could be done in a few months and that clients could rely on to save them both time and effort

  4. Optimized her marketing strategy to be focused on Instagram, increased site traffic from less than 10 new monthly visitors to over 450, and landed her 3 new clients directly from our Instagram marketing campaigns

  5. Garnered a positive response in press by:

    1. Landing a feature in both Architectural Digest magazine and Les Plus Beaux Intérieurs which put Amathea on the map of luxury interior design

    2. Getting interviewed by NBC who wanted to feature the project she accomplished with the client we helped her land, which established Sophie as a thought leader in her space

    3. Getting interviewed by Viyet - The Interior Design Marketplace, which further increased Amathea’s exposure, website traffic, and thought leadership in luxury interior design

  6. The relationship was so successful for Sophie that she remains an ongoing client to this day and we are still implementing our growth strategies and iterating additional site enhancements several years after her initial launch.




What did your life or business look like before being introduced to Echo Studio?

I was disorganized… really disorganized.  My projects would take a very long time and some of my clients were frustrated with how long a whole interior redesign would take.

I was relying solely on word-of-mouth to get new business and I really hate selling, so I just didn’t promote myself.  

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my website was very old and apparently turning people away with poor design, so I wasn’t getting any new business from it.

I didn’t have a social media presence anywhere.

I could only handle one client at a time, which was scary because if it didn’t work out I’d have to start over without making consistent income.

What motivated you to invest in Echo Studio services?

I saw all my peers advertising themselves on social media, and it was actually working for them! I knew something had to change, but as I said, I can’t sell myself. It doesn’t feel natural, I’m not good at it, and I don’t want to be good at it. I’m an artist and I want to focus on the parts of designing I do best.

When I saw the Echo Studio website, it felt like it was built for people like me, which definitely made me interested.

Then, after looking at the other clients’ websites, which were beautiful, I knew mine needed to change too.  At that point, I didn’t even care about price because I just knew that if I wanted to make a living doing what I loved, I’d either have to learn the business side or bring in someone who could do it better than me.

The structure of your program [the Echo Studio System] was what I needed.  The fact that you have a very clear set of steps was appealing because I knew my problem was not knowing where to start and staying organized.

How is it different from other services you may have been involved in the past?

The discussion. I really like the back-and-forth we have because I can just describe my vision and you can make something tangible that I can look at and work with.  You write very well and that helps because I’m originally French and it’s difficult to describe my vision in perfect English. 

I like that Echo Studio takes care of all the business needs and not just website design. 
The others I’ve worked with expected me to tell them what I wanted for my website, but I don’t know! That’s your job. I just need to know that there is a balance between how I want to present my work, something I’ve done for over 30 years, and what makes the most sense for visitors of my website.

You’re also younger and I think that’s why you’re more modern. You’re always finding some new things that make my life easier, and my peers have never heard about them until I tell them.

I pay very close attention to details, and I like the flexibility of changing whatever I’d like whenever I’d like. The website designers I’ve worked with in the past always needed to write up new contracts for every little thing or would charge me by the hour. But your pricing subscription is very clear and allows me to take advantage of adding and changing things quickly.

What surprised you the most about Echo Studio?

How much time and energy I saved. I didn’t realize how bad it was before because I had always done things that way, but now we’re much more efficient and knowing that the business is growing allows me to focus on my design projects.

How has Adrien impacted you and/or your business?

Well, first off I’m very excited to share my website now because it’s beautiful. I don’t have to worry about social media. I know that I can change anything whenever I want. I’ve gotten some very serious attention and coverage by big press companies in my industry, which really helps people understand what I do.

I’d say that you really helped Amathea become the business it is today. I’m not sure where I’d be without it. I never would have promoted myself, so I’d probably still be getting clients the old way.

Having successfully built your business online, where do you see yourself in 6-12 months from now?

As you know, I want Amathea to be the household name for luxury interior design in New York City.  That’s a big dream, but I think it’s possible because I’ve been featured by the press. Maybe I’m crazy, but in 6-12 months I want to be on the cover of Architectural Digest.

If someone is skeptical about Echo Studio, or feels that the investment is a big stretch for them, what would you say to them?

It’s worth it. Like I mentioned before, I had two options. I could either keep going the way I was. Keep struggling to promote myself. Not find better clients. And still hate selling with a passion. Or, I could focus on what I loved doing, and have someone else take care of the stuff I’m not so good at. For me it’s an obvious choice now.  As for the investment, I’m making more than I was before, so that’s not even a problem.

If you have any different thoughts or would like to add anything else, please feel free to add whatever you'd like.

I would just say to anyone that connects with my story: “Stop waiting. If you don’t do anything you will waste so much time trying to get better at things you're not naturally good at instead of focusing on and bettering your craft.” I waited a very long time before realizing this, so that’s the biggest point I would share.