I couldn't run My Business

Without these tools.

Business Operations:

  • GSuite - For organizing digital files. Use promo code: EAGNFVGM4UQYCMM for 20% off

  • Evernote - For saving articles and annotating notes. It's like your second brain. Absolute must-have.

  • ConvertKit - For automating email campaigns, email lists, and newsletters

  • Drip - Also for automating email campaigns, email lists, and newsletters

  • Calendly - For scheduling meetings with clients, students, and podcast guests

  • Hover - For buying domains. Free WHOIS privacy and easily transferable

  • KingSumo - For viral giveaways. Use promo code: AHKINGSUMO20

  • Sumo - For web optimization

  • Asana - For project management

  • Slack - For team communication ($100 credit)

  • Squarespace - For the website and landing pages. Shoot me an email before you register if you'd like 20% off your first year!

  • Canva - For super easy and free graphic design

  • Namecheap - For buying secondary domains at a good price

  • Buffer - For social media marketing

  • Screenflow - For recording video on my laptop and editing videos


  • Headspace - For meditation and calm

  • The Great Suspender - Have 30 tabs open at once? Get this now. It's a lifesaver.

  • Boomerang - Take care of the daily email struggle like an inbox GOD + get 1 month free

  • Momentum - For less distraction and more motivation

  • AutoPatchWork - For faster web browsing

  • Eye Dropper - To pick and use any color on any webpage

  • F.lux - Prevents laptop insomnia by dimming screen in accordance with your local sunset


  • The Tim Ferriss Show - Listen to how the world's top performers got to where they are. In my opinion, it's also the best way to figure out what you want to do in life

  • Masters of Scale - Dissects how tech companies grow from zero to a gazillion

  • First Round - My go to resource on the state of tech startups today

  • Farnam Street Blog - To keep my mind sharp and make sure I'm making the best decisions I can be

  • The Journal by Kevin Rose - Super cool, interesting, and valuable info delivered monthly

  • The Kevin Rose Show - New ways to reach peak personal and professional performance

  • The Kevin & Ryan Show - Tech, health, and productivity from two of the top dogs... (yes, I like Kevin 😘)

  • The James Altucher Show - Like the Tim Ferriss Show, just hosted by James... (I like Tim more... sorry James!)

  • Wait But Why - My most entertaining way of gathering deep insight

  • Brain.fm - Music for the Brain. Focus. Relax. Meditate. Sleep

  • Duolingo - Best language learning app the world has ever seen. Period. And, it's totally free


*Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that, for some, you'll be offered a discounted price, and I’ll receive a small commission. Win-win 😉 This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to make free content. I only recommend products that I use and love. Enjoy the deals! And thank you for your support!