ER 001: Live to Your Fullest Potential Right Out of High-School


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We tease out the thoughts, routines, and strategies that have gotten these entrepreneurs to where they are now, so that, YOU, may learn and apply some of the valuable lessons back to your own lives.

Their stories are meant to show you what life could be like on the adventurous pursuit of lovable work. Hopefully, one of them just might convince you to take the leap too.


Today, I thought it'd be a good idea to kick this podcast off with an interview of... well, me. The interviewer. Who I'd imagine you'd like to get to know before listening to my nonsense any further.

Nevertheless, here I am, in all my glory, being interviewed by a fellow Echo Studian, Walker Brandt.

SO, without further ADIEU, here is episode one of ECHO RADIOLiving to Your Fullest Potential, Right Out of High-School. Enjoy.

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We cover so much in this episode!...


  • Introducing Adrien Harrison of Echo Studio (2:04) 
  • Getting introduced to the freedoms of Online Business  (2:49) 
  • Dropping out of college (3:00) 
  • Finding the "right school" for you (7:30)
  • A better alternative to the usual college model (8:20)
  • How to find your passion "Defining your Ultimate Self" (8:30) 
  • How to find your passion (continued) "The Tim Ferriss Show" (12:18) 
  • How to educate yourself through digital role-models (13:09) 
  • The simplest recipe for a successful business and a successful life (16:10)
  • How to convince your parents to let you take a Gap Year (18:02)
  • Making a plan for your Gap Year (21:05) 
  • The best way to land your Dream Job "Free Work" (23:05) 
  • Why Echo Studio is better than just going on your own (25:25) 
  • How to get in contact and have all of your questions answered (27:55) 
  • Become an Echo Studio Intern, learn everything I teach my clients for tens of thousands of dollars, absolutely FREE (28:18) 
  • The one best thing to grow your business: Webinars (30:00) 
  • Where can people reach Adrien or follow: Instagram @echostudioinsta & @collegedropoutdoc (31:56)

Thank god you we've got all the show notes right here.


"You know what you want in the end. You know what you're fighting for. And, that's what makes it worth it." - Adrien

"But if it's a dream worth fighting for, that's when it gets interesting because the people who stick to it get what they want, and the people who quit never get the chance." - Adrien


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