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Today you'll be listening to my interview of Abdoulaye Mouflet, a dear friend since pre-school and now the proud founder and CEO of his recently launched startup KAJ.

SO, without further introduction, I present to you episode two of ECHO RADIO: Hustle or Die with Abdoulaye Mouflet of KAJ. Enjoy.

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We cover so much in this episode!...


  • How did you get started? (7:50)

  • How to transition from amateur to professional (8:54)

  • What real hustling looks like (10:41)

  • Should you start a business with your friends? (12:50)

  • How to start a creative business AND WIN (15:59)

  • Bad advice and common mistakes to avoid when getting started (18:01)

  • The BEST advice for students who want to start their own creative business (19:49)

  • How to build a team by auditing your strengths (24:01)

  • The best resource I use to manage my team effectively (26:04)

  • How to reconcile delegation with accomplishing YOUR vision: Steve Jobs & Mick Jagger (26:27)

  • Abdoulaye's mentors and his personal future role-model - Matthew McConaughey's Hero Analogy (33:24)

  • Where does DRIVE stem from? (35:23)

  • SCHOOL: The Good & The BAD.  How to take advantage of education (37:43)

  • The MOST important thing to learn before starting a social company (43:52)

  • Abdoulaye's biggest influences in Montréal's underground scene - Crafting a Unique Selling Proposition (45:31)

  • Why you should stick to your guns (48:49)

  • Where people can reach Abdoulaye or email him: Website: Facebook: @kajmtl (50:10)

Thank god we've got all the show notes right here.



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