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Hello Meerkats and Mogwai, and welcome to another episode of ECHO RADIO where it is my job to share the struggles, joys, failures, and triumphs of anyone who embodies pursuing their passion in some form or another.

Now, usually, I tease out the thoughts, routines, and strategies that have gotten these entrepreneurs to where they are now, so that, YOU, may learn and apply some of their valuable lessons back to your own lives.


This episode is a little different.

It's the first of its kind in which I will be interviewing Echo Studio students.

Or Echo Studians as I like to call them. 

Not only do I interview successful entrepreneurs, but also those who are aspiring for that success. 

In these episodes, interviewees will get the chance to flip the tables and ask me questions about growing their own businesses.

SO, today you'll be listening to the first ever publicly interviewed Echo Studian: Philip Kwak.

An aspiring tech product entrepreneur with a knack for rationalizing the ridiculous. 

This time we truly went overboard and covered too damn much.  If you're not a fan of listening to the whole thing, I invite you to check out the show notes at either: or in the episode description if you're listening to the Podcasts app or watching on YouTube to see all the topics discussed with marked time-stamps you can skip to.

It was an absolute blast to record, and I'm sure you'll get a blast from listening too.  Seriously, there's enough controversy in this episode to split up a nation.

SO, without any further ramblings, I present to you episode three of ECHO RADIO: How to Launch Your Technology Product Startup with Echo Studian Philip Kwak. Enjoy.

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We cover too damn much in this episode, it's insane...



  • Phil's tech product idea (3:12)

  • How engineering increases our standard of living (4:24)

  • How to deal with aggression or your own personality traits to capitalize on strengths and minimize weaknesses as an entrepreneur (5:33)

  • The two most powerful operating systems for your mind (6:37)

  • How to successfully start a positive new habit (8:41)

  • Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think (13:45)

  • How to build a following for your startup - Market Immersion & Product Development (15:25)

  • How to validate your idea - Idea Generation (19:21)

  • Flight of thought or Flight of Ideas - Is A.D.D a perk for entrepreneurship? (21:58)

  • "The laws of physics are on your side": How it's best to work with more powerful forces (23:48)

  • How to convince yourself to get started: How Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, pushed herself (24:37)
  • How to find investors and prevalidate your product - A more detailed look at Market Immersion (31:04)
  • How do you know when a product is worth making? (33:10)

  • Common mistakes in the engineering product space (34:10)

  • What to do when you're torn between different projects (36:36)

  • How to overcome F.U.D: Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt (38:28)

  • Why you should do what YOU want, not what everyone wants of you - The mandatory gap year (44:55)

  • Yes, Phil's idea of success is Donald Trump.  I can't elaborate you'll just have to listen for yourself (49:52)

  • Is ego or narcissism a useful tool for success in business? How about in life? (52:53)

  • Radical Candor - The under-used method for being the best boss (56:39)

  • Phil's Role Model: Tupac Shakur (59:02)

  • The benefits of sleeping twice a day (01:01:08)

  • Where people can reach Phil or follow him on Instagram: @philkwak5 (01:05:17)

Thank god we've got all the show notes right here.



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