Market Research, Immersion & Validation

Outlining your specific target market is the best first step to effective marketing and sales.  The idea is to get in the head of your ideal customers and get to know them and their problems even better than they know themselves.  

With that leverage, your business would dominate a specific niche, and we would know exactly how to reach and sell to your targeted market.

  1. Market Research: We would personally interview you to outline your ideal customers’ profile: demographics, psychographics, pain-points, obstacles, fears, hopes, goals, and desires.

  2. Market Immersion: We would then interview your target market. Using Google Forms, email or calling them one by one depending on the best way to reach them. This would validate our hypotheses about their struggles, and how we could help them best. It also provides us with the copy we’ll be using back at them when we market new projects or products.

It is much easier to have your niche tell you word-for-word what their problems are, and then solve those specific fears, pain-points, or problems, with targeted products and copy.