FF 018 - How to Network Effectively Using Networking Apps


Hello from New York City!

And welcome to the 18th Edition of FRIDAY FAVORITES!

Check out this week's list of things I've learned, how I've implemented them, and what I'm enjoying or pondering.

If you're also on the adventurous pursuit of smart passive income it'll come in handy 😉.

All the best,
- Adrien
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P.P.S: Don't know who I am? Look at this.

This article is the startup bible.  I make a point to re-read it once a month.  It and all of the iconic articles it references are all bookmarked.

If you want to launch and run a successful startup read this and all of the linked articles regularly.. simple right?

2. What I Am Doing: Networking like a kid with vintage Pokémon cards


Just kidding of course... They were more like vintage Yu-Gi-Oh cards. As you can see everyone is loving what I have to say 😎

All jokes aside, this was an awesome networking brunch! This photo was taken before the event started, and the woman whose face I'm hiding is actually the incredible GiGi Daai!  Who, hopefully very soon, will be on the podcast in the coming weeks! Get ready for an episode about how to make it as a songwriter in the digital world of today.

Fun fact: I'm actually showing her the Introducing Matryx video in this photo, the revolutionary tech company, for which my interview with the CEO will be live next week! She loved it, and I'm sure you will too.

As I mentioned two weeks ago, burnout is an inevitable process of the entrepreneurial journey. 

I came across this article and found it to be a useful and light-hearted read on the subject.

4. What I Have Learned / Applied: Network with Intent

My digital networking pie chart

My digital networking pie chart

As I mentioned last week, I've been networking 1-on-1 much more than I have in the past in an effort to do things that don't scale.

Using apps like BumbleBizz, Shapr, and LinkedIn connects me with 15-30 people who already want my services rather than blasting on social media and waiting for leads to generate and convert through the whole sales funnel

It allows me to skip the process and meet other really interesting entrepreneurs I can work with, interview, and even hire.

Here's where you have to be careful:

People will waste your time if you let them

In order to counter this, I make a conscious effort to:

1. Cut through the polite "Hey, what brought you to [X platform]" by ignoring the question and moving to what I want to know or asking exactly what the other person is looking for: 

  • People usually just start with a bland opener like that because they don't want to offend you, they're shy, or they're wasting your time.
  • By ignoring the question you're being clear about your intentions and focusing the conversation directly towards how you can help each other.

2. Use an automated questionnaire on typeform to vet prospective leads:

  • Gathers information I need before taking the relationship any further
  • Removes anyone who isn't serious

3. Have canned responses ready in "Evernote" or your "Notes" app for frequently asked questions, e.g.:

  • "Tell me more about Echo Studio." ➡️ [Short intro text followed by About page link which has an opt-in form at the bottom for people to subscribe and receive Echo Studio's Welcome Package]
  • "Can you give me more details on your company?" ➡️ [Short intro text followed by Echo Studio System page link
  • "Hi Adrien." (This one's the worst.) ➡️  [Short intro text explaining that I'd love to skip the formalities followed by, "How can I help?"]

This has been working SO FREAKING WELL for me so far.  Would love to hear what has worked for you?

    5. Thought I Am Pondering:

    Where do you strike a balance between solo-marketing and collaborations? Do you need to? 🤷‍♂️

    Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend! 😁

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