FF 017 - Do Things That Don't Scale


Hello from New York City!

And welcome to the 17th Edition of FRIDAY FAVORITES!

Check out this week's list of things I've learned, how I've implemented them, and what I'm enjoying or pondering.

If you're also on the adventurous pursuit of smart passive income it'll come in handy 😉.

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- Adrien
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This book is OLD.  But, the "Laws" are still incredibly relevant and so many startups fail or never start because they haven't read this book.

Biggest Takeaway: Niche it down - Law 2 (law of category)

It's hard to gain leadership in a category with a lot of competition.

It's better to create a product in a new category.

The category doesn't have to be radically different, e.g. if there's a dominant player in "imported beer" you can become the first to import light beer. 

Tim Ferriss created his own category of "Lifestyle Design" and he now owns that space.

Irvin is an incredibly well composed and effective CEO for his age: 28. 

What I love the most:

He's already turned down multiple rounds of investors because he has a deep and innate love for the process. That asset is invaluable as a founder because it will get you through all of the pushbacks and challenges in your way.

I can't wait for this episode to go LIVE, but it will be a while from now...

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Such a great read and a thought process I align with.  I would say I'd like to fall more towards the Radical Candor side of the spectrum, but honesty over complacency or manipulation any day.

If you like the idea of Radical Honesty I cannot emphasize how much you should read this article: I Think You're Fat by A.J. Jacobs

4. What I Have Learned / Applied: Do things that don't scale.


I've been networking 1-on-1 much more than I have in the past and the results are in. 

Using apps like BumbleBizz, Shapr, and LinkedIn connects me with 15-30 people who already want my services rather than blasting on social media and waiting for leads to generate and convert through the whole sales funnel

It allows me to skip the process and meet other really interesting entrepreneurs I can work with, interview, and even hire.

5. Thought I Am Pondering:

Will we ever go back to doing things that don’t scale?

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend! 😁

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