FF 015 - Start and Run Your Business Like A Pro


Hello from New York City!

And welcome to the 15th Edition of FRIDAY FAVORITES!

Check out this week's list of things I've learned, how I've implemented them, and what I'm enjoying or pondering.

If you're also on the adventurous pursuit of smart passive income it'll come in handy 😉.

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P.P.S: Don't know who I am? Look at this.

It's really good.   In-depth and actionable insights on how to act as the CEO of a large company, especially when things get tough.  I found immense value even though it's targeting companies much larger than mine.

* Also love that he's a total rap buff and integrates hardcore lyrics throughout to entertainingly introduce a relevant lesson or chapter.

This episode is great for engineering or product-based entrepreneurs who could use some guidance getting started and finding investors.

BUT, it's also the most fun episode I've recorded to date.  We cover so much riduculous yet insightful topics, you're guarenteed to be entertained throughout.

I've referenced this piece in my latest episode and it's even better than I remembered.  Have a listen to the episode. Then have a read.

Biggest takeaway:

Your social anxiety mammoth is self-manifested more than by others. If you’re feeling something, you are responsible more than anyone.

I read this lesson before but didn't learn it until today.   Anything You Want by Derek Sivers taught me that I could build my business ANY way I want, that's why it's my business.

What I recently understood was that instead of writing serious emails that make me sound professional to everyone I could also just be myself and provide enough value that the recipient understands I know what I'm talking about.  It was liberating to crack jokes and fool around on a supposedly "serious" email.  As long as you're clear on communicating your value,

5. Thought I Am Pondering:

People say: “If money didn’t matter I would do/be/have X, Y, Z” I’m wondering how many of them actually try to make both possible. There’s never been a better time than now.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend! 😁

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