FF 029 - Lead Generation, Trauma Psychology, and Tokyo Startups


Hello from Shanghai / Tokyo!

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Welcome to the 29th Edition of FRIDAY FAVORITES!

Check out this week's list of things I've learned, how I've implemented them, and what I'm enjoying or pondering.

If you're also on the adventurous pursuit of smart passive income it'll come in handy 😉.

All the best,
- Adrien
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2. What I Am Doing: Deeply falling in love with Tokyo

Yea... we didn't sleep much..

That's me and one of my clients / now best-friend Raph. The reason we look like Rick James after a regular night out to Studio 54, is because we sort of did something similar I guess.

Knowing the Tsukiji Fish Market opens to tourists at 5:50am and 6:20am, we decided it'd be brilliant to just dance the night away until we couldn't anymore, at which point we'd head to Tsukiji and get some of the best (if not the best) sushi in the world.. for breakfast. 

We made it as number 118 and 119 out of a total 120 tourists allowed to visit per day, and IT WAS SO FREAKING EPIC.

Here are some pics that cannot possibly do justice to the awesomeness that is Tokyo. I hope everyone one of you gets the chance to visit:

The 9-seat restaurant where we ate the life-changing breakfast sushi circa 8am

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) along the river in Nakameguro where we're staying

A life-changing bowl of ramen because now ramen will never be the same. ¥980

My picnic spot where I'm currently blogging from #noshame 😚

3. What I Am Enjoying: Tim Ferriss's interview of Hungarian paliative care expert: Gabor Maté

This was an extremely deep, emotionally charged, and insightful interview that covered so much of the core problems innate to our human psyche.  I found it to be extremely helpful, liberating, and relevant to the reading I've been doing on How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie (featured in last week's issue.)

Highly recommended to anyone dealing with or who has dealt with any form of trauma.

4. What I Have Learned / Applied: The startup scene in Tokyo is thriving and I'd like to join it soon

From the left: Community Manager at Creww, Kozue Ishii

Venture Capitalist, Maxwell Imai Weiss

Founding CEO at Edge Of, Alex Odajima Taisuke

Founding CEO at Touchy, Eric Siu

Creative Consultant & Freelance Photographer, Raphaël Benros

Founding CEO at Girl's MeeTalk and Community Manager at Campfire, Naoko Yamanaka


and (taking the photo) Project Leader at WIRED and Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing Strategy for Humanities Students, Dominique Chen

Everyone in this image is an awesome, down-to-earth entrepreneur or intrapreneur and it's so nice to see that instead of the cutthroat competition in Silicon Valley.  

The mix of Japanese culture and the finally up-and-coming tech startup scene in Japan is something I've dreamed of a long time and having my first "networking" event with this group of fantastic people, in a small backroom of a restaurant in Nakameguro drinking sake and eating delicious food like a bunch of old geezers was more than I ever could have hoped for.

5. Thought(s) I Am Pondering:

When is it ok to settle?

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend! 😁

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