FF 021 - How to Write an Effective About Page & Scale Your Business


Hello from New York City!

And welcome to the 21st Edition of FRIDAY FAVORITES!

Check out this week's list of things I've learned, how I've implemented them, and what I'm enjoying or pondering.

If you're also on the adventurous pursuit of smart passive income it'll come in handy 😉.

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- Adrien
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P.P.S: Don't know who I am? Look at this.

Slack is an absolute beast.  I've been using them for over 3 years now, and everytime I log back in there's usually a cool new feature that solves a previous pain-point I was experiencing. 

They know their users better than they know themselves, and they implement solutions to problems faster than users can get fed up.  Brilliant.

Biggest takeaway: Spend the time necessary to create something so good, it sells itself.  Don't pay for any advertising and sit back sipping on sweetness as the raw awesomeness of your product spreads through word-of-mouth like a friendly plague.

2. What I Am Doing: Copywriting About Pages 

Neville Medhora

For all the websites I visit, I'm astounded by how many have 3rd-person About Pages.  They're so uninspiring I can't read them. Ever.  

Why would anyone expect anything different?

About Pages are the second most visited page on a website after the Home Page.  They're one of the most useful ways of collecting emails to grow your list, and NO ONE is ever going to be excited about a friend or teacher sharing their thoughts on your education and character.

John is a hard-working human who attended X school with a BA in [insert irrelevant degree].  He’s unique because he has two arms, two legs, and even leaves the house sometimes. 

Always be answering, "what's in it for me?" from the perspective of your readers.  That's the Value Proposition, and it's the first thing that should be on your About Page. Have a look at mine, and see how it correlates to the anatomy outlined above.

If you realized your About Page is the boring 3rd-person, seppuku-inducing monstrosity described above.  Contact me, I'll give it a much-needed facelift.

This is seppuku. Graphic, I know 🙈

This is seppuku. Graphic, I know 🙈

It's just so good.  Every time I come back to it I always learn something new. 

This time it happened to be "batching tasks" in the most effective sequential order, so that you're never suffering from decision fatigue or losing your work mojo when interrupted by some extraneous thought of something that needs to get done.

Last week we talked about the Eisenhower Matrix and how to divvy up tasks as you go through the day effectively.  I've found that any kind of tech-use (e.g. phone, computer, messages, calendar, emails, etc.) before getting out of bed and having breakfast in the morning, destroys my productivity and willpower for the day with near certainty. 

Now, I put my phone in Airplane Mode and turn Do Not Disturb on before bed, so that when I wake up to grab my phone to open Headspace and meditate, I'm not bombarded with all the new notifications received while I was asleep.  

When I'm done meditating, I complete the session, and PUT MY PHONE DOWN. 

Then, get out of bed, grab Tribe of Mentors, and have breakfast, with my Athletic Greens 😉 and tea cocktail, while reading one of the top performer's interviews.  

Result: Feel super refreshed, slightly smarter with a warmed-up brain, and pumped and ready to take on the day.

5. Thought(s) I Am Pondering:

If we’re in Elon Musk’s proposed alien simulation, is déjà vu a glitch in our code?

Is the introduction of blockchain a software update for humanity?

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend! 😁

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