📷 @domsebastian

📷 @domsebastian

When life gives you apples 🍎... grow roses 🌷?⠀

"Do the Unexpected.⠀

I watched Pamela Sisson create the cover for my book. She put about 100 books in front of her. I would say, "That looks good" and point at a book. That would mean she was not going to do it. ⠀

"It has to be new. It has to be unexpected."⠀

Magnus Carlsen won the recent World Championship Chess match only by making the moves nobody else would expect. ⠀

Pope Francis doesn't live in the palace in Vatican City. He lives...in a studio apartment down the street. And makes phone calls to random letter writers.⠀

Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Elon Musk, kept saying: what has nobody done that I can now do. ⠀

Elon Musk, up against NASA and every world government, learned from books how to build a spaceship.⠀

The Unexpected is the God of Reinvention. ⠀

It's hidden in between the spaces of everywhere. It's the secret train that goes to the magical school of Hogwarts.⠀

I want magic in my life." - James Altucher ⠀

Nuff' said. 🐉🎄