"When you rest, you rejuvenate. You get more creative. You have more ideas.  

You read more and learn more and observe more and have more time to get curious about people you might love."

Our culture tends to praise the busy and overworked.  I call bullshit for several reasons:

1. Being busy is a sign that you're not in control of your life. Most people who are "busy" are just being inefficient.  @timferriss talks about this, so does @dereksivers

2. Keeping ourselves “busy” is usually an easy way of distracting ourselves from the harder questions in life such as...



"Failing to create habits is not about laziness. It’s about not having the right systems." - Ramit Sethi

Routines can bring with them productivity and efficiency.  Changing our behaviour over time to replace all bad habits with positive ones can completely alter the quality of our lives.  

But, in order to free up that amount of space for routines of our choosing, we need to create the best kinds of systems. Creative, automated ones that inspire and keep us on track.

What is something you're doing that you could easily outsource or automate thanks to software?  If you find something, don't ask.  Just automate.  Avoid decision fatigue and 2x your results!💾🎨