“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” - Lao Tzu 

Ego is the enemy. 

Any solid construct of identity is limiting and stagnant. Sometimes they're expressed as our deeply held values. But most of the time they're an expression of stubbornness. 

It's scary to change because it's vulnerable. But how are we supposed to grow, try new things, or even learn if we're unwilling to leave the comfort zone or our negative selves behind? 

Let's think of a bad habit today, and just observe it as something fluid. Something we have the power to change. 🙌 



We’ve all been there: stuck on an airplane next to someone who is crowding in your space, ignoring the basic rules of human etiquette or decency.  

Our reaction? 

We stew. We think that staring daggers at them will do something about the situation. We compose a letter in our head to the airline. We text a friend to complain. 

We tell ourselves this is a way of coping, but is it really?  Because we’re just getting angrier the more we think.  

Marcus’s advice is basically this: Either say something (nicely) or let it go.