Whenever you embark on any kind of creative project, remember to be as free and uncritical as possible.

Most ideas get shutdown within minutes of their conception either by our own self-critics or because we shared them with people who "wish us well" or "want us to be safe".

While generally well-intentioned, sharing your ideas at their most vulnerable stage of inception can do much more harm than good.⠀

@sarablakely , founder of Spanx, covers this well in her interview with @altucher .⠀



I'd add:⠀
If you believe you're overly self-critical, find a friend or someone who would only push you to see your idea through: i.e. Provide solely positive input.⠀

On the other hand, if you already believe in your idea, don't share it with anyone until you've invested yourself enough that negative emotions or feedback from your loved ones wouldn't affect your trajectory to success: i.e. Prep yourself for negative input.⠀


Remember, creativity is intelligence having FUN! So let loose! 👨‍🎤🕺👩‍🎤 ⠀



"Creativity is a combinatorial force: it’s our ability to tap into our mental pool of resources — knowledge, insight, information, inspiration, and all the fragments populating our minds — that we’ve accumulated over the years just by being present and alive and awake to the world, and to combine them in extraordinary new ways." - Maria Popova⠀

If we could access everything we've ever learned. ⠀

If we could project our imagination in real-time. ⠀

Anything would be possible, right?⠀

What if, for the last 5000 years of human history, such a practice existed?⠀

Any kind of mindfulness practice, meditation, flow state, deep focus, are all tried & true options. ⠀

Have your pick 😉