"When you make a business you’re making a little world where you control the laws. 
It doesn't matter how things are done everywhere else. In your little world you can make it like it should be." - Derek Sivers

There is controversy over the belief that being an entrepreneur is freeing. Some believe they become slaves to their clients, while others, like Derek, see that it's up to you to become what you want to be. 

Taking the leap of faith into entrepreneurship definitely brings its own hardships and obligations, but ultimately you are their creator. 




Whenever you embark on any kind of creative project, remember to be as free and uncritical as possible.

Most ideas get shutdown within minutes of their conception either by our own self-critics or because we shared them with people who "wish us well" or "want us to be safe".

While generally well-intentioned, sharing your ideas at their most vulnerable stage of inception can do much more harm than good.⠀

@sarablakely , founder of Spanx, covers this well in her interview with @altucher .⠀



I'd add:⠀
If you believe you're overly self-critical, find a friend or someone who would only push you to see your idea through: i.e. Provide solely positive input.⠀

On the other hand, if you already believe in your idea, don't share it with anyone until you've invested yourself enough that negative emotions or feedback from your loved ones wouldn't affect your trajectory to success: i.e. Prep yourself for negative input.⠀


Remember, creativity is intelligence having FUN! So let loose! 👨‍🎤🕺👩‍🎤 ⠀



Steve Jobs and Mick Jagger would obsess over the smallest details before releasing any of their work. That obsession is arguably a piece of what got them to the top. ⠀

But, when we have a man, regarded as the greatest genius of our time (Albert Einstein), openly downplaying knowledge and promoting imagination, we have to ask and wonder:⠀

What is more important?

After all, Steve Jobs himself said: "Stay hungry, stay foolish".⠀

The taoists would agree with Einstein and Jobs, turns out, so do I 😁⠀



"Failing to create habits is not about laziness. It’s about not having the right systems." - Ramit Sethi

Routines can bring with them productivity and efficiency.  Changing our behaviour over time to replace all bad habits with positive ones can completely alter the quality of our lives.  

But, in order to free up that amount of space for routines of our choosing, we need to create the best kinds of systems. Creative, automated ones that inspire and keep us on track.

What is something you're doing that you could easily outsource or automate thanks to software?  If you find something, don't ask.  Just automate.  Avoid decision fatigue and 2x your results!💾🎨