What Are Personal Brands? & Why Should Anyone Care?


Personal Branding

What is that? Why should I care?

There are a near-infinite amount of ways you can apply a personal brand to your advantage.  But, first let’s focus on what the hell it is.

Think of personal branding as a digital representation of YOU.  

It’s YOUR story, what YOU believe in, and what YOU are capable of.

You use it to communicate the things you care about. 

Your meaningful:

If well received, the culmination of these “things” your personal brand communicates, will give you a certain power; a superpower in our overly saturated digital era: Influence.

When it comes to power, influence is the clever cousin of its more brutish counterpart: force.

Being influential doesn't mean being sneaky or conniving in any way.  It just means that you have developed the ability to influence behavioral change in others. That’s what makes it so powerful.

For EVIL, influence is expressed through, fear, terror, or threats.

But for GOOD, it is developed through the value, admiration, respect, awe, inspiration, authority, passion, ideals, and even love that you’ve earned.  The good kind of influence is the most powerful and long-lasting.

Watch this if you want to know why this kind of influence is so powerful.

Knowing the influence a personal brand provides, let me show you how you can use it.


In today’s competitive business world, you need to be able to understand what it is that you do that is unique and why.

Being able to communicate that in a really short, clear, and engaging way to anyone will allow you to skip the small talk and make real authentic connections with people.

A lot of the people you’ll be connecting with may bring you opportunities you wouldn't have found otherwise.  

BUT, in order to stand out, you need to know what it is that you—and only you—can do.

Imagine if everyone you’ve ever spoken to knew what you’re great at and passionate about?! Think of all the interesting stories and opportunities you would’ve been introduced to.

If somebody asks you, “What do you want to do when you graduate?” or “Why do you do what you do?” or “What do you want to do next in your career?” Most people don’t have a clue, especially if they are just starting out.

Your answers to these questions allow someone to quickly understand who you are and what you stand for. The best replies take YOU out of the enormous and overwhelming pool of competitors and BLAST you above and beyond useless small talk.  Forget about engaging in standard unspecific answers that don’t strike a chord:

“I’m a people person”
“I want to make the world a better place”
“I want to contribute to something good.” 

These don’t get you or the person you’re speaking to anywhere.  Being well-intentioned is irrelevant.  Be specific and speak true to what you want to get across.  People will respond and do the same.  Before you know it, you’ll be developing meaningful relationships and friendships with people you’ve just met.


“I left university because I love helping people go for what they love so much that I developed an online consulting service designed to do exactly that.  

Before leaving, I proved that I was great at taking people's’ businesses to the next level through website and sales optimization, and I loved doing it, so I just decided to focus all my efforts on that.  

You can check out what I’ve done on my site, [echostudio.co].  

I’d be totally pumped to help you or anyone you know set-up an online business!  

I know how difficult it can be for people who don’t have the time or have no clue where to start.  

Here’s my number/email/etc...

This statement explains so much about me, what I care about, what I’m good at, what I can help you with, and how to get started.  It covers the preliminary bases everyone you’re interacting with should know about you in a business OR personal context, and gives a specific Call To Action for those who resonate with what you’re sharing.

Getting all that info across effectively and authentically is what’ll get you references, clients, and even sales.

But before thinking about that, let me hit you with an often overlooked reality, or, as I prefer to call it, a bitchslap full of truth:

Strangers are NOT interested in what WE love, they’re interested in what WE CAN DO to HELP THEM.

Moving more product, communicating more clearly, winning an election, or providing more freedom, with time or money, are some of the things people care about.  

As long as we are providing a specific someone or an entire company with what they care about we can keep doing what we love.  Remember that it’s a two-way street.

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