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If you decide to flip past something, note it, return to it later at some point, and ask yourself, “Why did I skip this?” Did it offend you? Seem beneath you? Seem too difficult? And did you arrive at that by thinking it through, or is it a reflection of biases inherited from your parents and others? Very often, “our” beliefs are not our own. This type of practice is how you create yourself, instead of seeking to discover yourself. There is value in the latter, but it’s mostly past-tense: It’s a rearview mirror. Looking out the windshield is how you get where you want to go.
— Tim Ferris (Tools of Titans)

NOSTALGIA 🤔 Some of you will like this photo, some of you will not.⠀

Its appeal is in its grainy, arcade game graphics, representing something as beautiful as a sunset. 

But why does that appeal to us? Do we yearn for the past, or appreciate it? ⠀

Do we cherish our memories, or overanalyze them?⠀

Does looking back make us feel unproductive, so we feel the need to skip it? Or, does looking back make us feel good, so we want to stay?⠀

What biases are controlling our present? What invisible scripts will control our future?⠀

I believe it's ok to look back, to appreciate and to learn. How else would we grow from our mistakes and failures? 😊⠀

It’s okay to look back at the past. Just don’t stare.
— Benjamin Dover

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