Ahh dreams 😴. Where anything can happen.

In yesterday's blog we explored how dreams are achievable. How it's simply a matter of context and understanding what it takes rather than pursuing the "impossible" blindly.

Today is not about that.

Today is about letting ourselves dream up those big wonderful things because allowing ourselves that freedom actually grants us an invisible super power.


See the interesting thing is, "Unreasonable goals drive accomplishment" - Tim Ferriss

Psychologically we need to pursue something big and wonderful in order for us to feel like it's worth it. 

But isn't it interesting that we'd prefer stagnation above achieving mediocre goals? It's indicative of a fixed rather than growth mindset. Something we'll explore soon.

But, for today, let's just dream the wildest dreams. 😜 And write 'em down! (You can begin by commenting below what they are 😉)