How to Find a Profitable Idea for a Lean Online Business

How to Find a Profitable Idea for a Lean Online Business

There are millions of businesses on the Internet, but only a small percentage make the bulk of their revenue online and even less make a full-time income for the business owner.

If you study highly profitable online businesses, they all share a few common traits. However different they are, they all share these 8 elements of a profitable online business.

  1. A Profitable Idea

  2. A Targeted Niche

  3. A Unique Selling Proposition

  4. Native Products

  5. Design for Conversion

  6. A Digital Marketing Strategy

  7. Strong Client Relationships

  8. An Optimized Sales Process

How To Be A Successful Digital Nomad

How To Be A Successful Digital Nomad

The number of people who say they’ve quit a job due to lack of flexibility has nearly doubled from 17% in 2014 to 32% in 2017

The paradox of entrepreneurs is that you strike out on your own to have more control of your time only to discover that the demands of your job take up all of your time, including any opportunity to travel. How can entrepreneurs become true digital nomads while enjoying the lifestyle that originally drew them to start their own business?

The first step in creating this lifestyle is to define what success means for you.

The Truth About (Real) Passive Income: 6 Things People Always Get Wrong and How to Overcome Them

The Truth About (Real) Passive Income: 6 Things People Always Get Wrong and How to Overcome Them

You probably think that setting up a passive income business takes next to no time at all, has no associated risks, and needs no special skills...

Well, you’d be wrong on all counts — and that’s just the start of the truth about real passive income. Don’t believe everything you read online, and be aware of things that are frequently ‘hyped up’.

Below I outline 6 truths about real passive income. Read on, and not only will you find out how passive income really works, you’ll understand how you can make a living using this popular business model.

How To Be Different

How To Be Different

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.” - Alexandra K. Trenfor

The Rorschach Test is a projective psychological test developed in 1921 to measure thought disorder. 

I just took one online.  It was a little bit weird because, even though I'm not psychotic, (OR MAYBE I AM! 🤡) I felt the slightest amount of pressure to agree with the multiple choice answers provided. 

And for that secondary option, besides the obviously violence biased ones like, "a crushed spine" or "a bloody part of my body" ... I wanted to know of what I say was the most common thing people saw or where it landed on that spectrum.



"Here’s a humbling exercise, whenever you read an old book that speaks about contemporary events, look at the names. 

How many of these people--who were important enough to warrant a mention at the time--seem important now, decades or centuries later? 

How many of them have you even heard of? 

How silly does the author’s reverence seem? 

How ridiculous does their assumption--that future readers would obviously know who and what they were talking about--that they didn’t bother to provide much context, seem?  

Well, this timeless process is happening right now, as we speak...



"We do not have to “gain” freedom because freedom has always been with us and is not something to be gained in the end through strict and faithful adherence to some definite formulas. Formulas can only inhibit freedom and pre-formations only squelch creativity and impose mediocrity." - 🥋Bruce Lee 🥋

There are three levels of freedom we need to differentiate:

1st is Realistic, Basic, or Fundamental Freedom: 

2nd is Freedom of Action or Choice:

3rd is Ultimate Freedom or Freedom of the Mind, Body, and Soul: 

This is the type of freedom Bruce Lee is referring to. It is absolute and unencumbered by all external factors.  Preached by Taoists and Stoics alike...

Why You Should Start an Online Business

Why You Should Start an Online Business

You've already spent a lifetime building your skillset.  You're busy enough as it is.  You've ALREADY done your part.

I can do EVERYTHING your business needs and MORE because that's MY JOB.

I cannot be any clearer: Your brain will try to persuade you that there is NO way for you to start an online business without tech knowledge. Listen closely.

I've done it!

You're not my first client.  This isn't our first rodeo.  Our system has been PROVEN time and time again!

Every single one of our clients has exponentially benefitted from Echo Studio, and you can too.