How Evernote Made My Business Twice as Efficient



Do you ever take notes on your laptop, only to never find them again?

Does it take you ages to find a single  email in a thread of a thousand from a few weeks ago?

Are you as pissed as me when you’re wasting your time desperately scrolling through your inbox? 

This used to happen to me ALL THE TIME!😱 

I was wasting so much of my time looking for information saved somewhere in the hundreds of folders on my laptop or apps on my phone.

Then, like it was some obvious fix the world has always known, I heard about Evernote listening to the Tim Ferriss Show

At first I didn’t get it. I assumed Evernote was just a note taking app like any other. I didn’t need another app to take notes, I needed a way to retrieve information faster.

And Evernote helped me double the size of my business in 3 months. It’s so much more than a note-taking app.

 Evernote stores literally everything for you.

Once you start to use it, Evernote basically becomes your second brain. You can retrieve ANY information you have saved on ANY device at ANY time.  

1) It SAVES and organizes your notes to SAVE you time

When you take notes on Evernote, you can add tags and create notebooks (which are essentially folders of notes). Your notes can be organized however you’d like, and you can very easily retrieve and access them thanks to the powerful search options.

Before, it would take me several minutes to find a document/article/or website that I had saved. With Evernote, it takes just a few seconds—even if you have thousands of notes stored on your device.


Also, you HAVE TO GET the the browser extension: Evernote Web Clipper. It lets you save any webpage (whether it’s an article, screenshot, or bookmark) to Evernote in just  2 clicks, that way you’re SURE to find the page again anytime.


That’s a lifesaver. How many times do you see an article online, and by the time you eventually come around to writing a blog post, or creating a course of your own, it turns out you can’t find the right website?

Oh, by the way, you can access and create notes directly on your phone with Evernote’s app. On Android, Windows and Apple devices, you can create a new note (which also includes audio notes and photo notes) in just a few taps. And just like magic, notes will simultaneously be saved on your other devices so you can access them from anywhere.

It’s a TOTAL GAME CHANGER  to have ALL the information you need saved and searchable across ALL of my tools. 


2) Evernote automatically converts your EMAILS to notes so that you NEVER WASTE TIME searching your inbox!

On another note (pun intended), Evernote provides you with the option of automatically saving your emails as notes for future reference. 



ESPECIALLY when you receive hundreds on hundreds of work emails every day that you will need to retrieve later. 

Let’s face it, we’ve all spent valuable time desperately searching for that one email (with the link to that super cute cat video) sent by our best friend at work weeks or even months ago. Thanks to Evernote, I can now find that email and get frisky with Whiskers.

3) You can SHARE your notes and notebooks with ANYONE (classmates, coworkers, friends, etc…).

Notes or notebooks can be shared to the public using a public URL or you can invite people to view/edit your selected notes or notebooks. So you want share an inspirational TED Talk notebook containing with your friends, or share the outline of an article you are currently working on with your teammates, Evernote's sharing option is pretty sweet when it comes to live collaborative work.

Oh and by the way I can also chat with my team, live.

4) You can manage your personal financial documents, which SAVES you BIG TIME.

With Evernote you can track all of your expenses by SNAPPING a photo using the document camera in Evernote on your mobile device, or scan the receipts directly to your laptop by using ScanSnap Evernote Edition.



I just create a notebook, and save all the documents, receipts, bills and statements you’ve received over the year. And you’ll have everything you need in that one notebook.

Evernote has doubled the size of my business and it’s an absolute must have for any tech entrepreneur.