4 Reason Switching To Convertkit Will Bring Your Business Immediate Results

As an entrepreneur, you know that your email list is SO important!

Your list is the engine of your business. It’s how you promote new products, reach all of your customers, and finally sell.

This means YOU NEED a killer email marketing strategy, and the right tools to get your message out there!

As a bootstrapped entrepreneur, I started out using Mailchimp. I found it slow and to difficult to design emails.

Mailchimp is great as a free option; especially for those who are just getting started. BUT after a while I realized that when it came to list management, costs, and time: Mailchimp just didn’t cut it...

So I switched to Convertkit!  


1) Convertkit is SO much faster

On Mailchimp you have to go through tons of pages to create and send out a single email campaign.  It may seem like no big deal, but trust me time adds up quickly when you are frequently creating and sending new campaigns.


Everything just flows effortlessly. You can easily go through and select different emails in your series, edit, schedule, and save them – all at once without having to click through endless steps.

2) Convertkit is more intuitive and won’t charge you twice

Let me explain… Mailchimp is a list-based email platform. Meaning that if one person appears on two of your lists (let’s say your main subscribers list and your webinar registration list) then you are being charged for that person TWICE (insane right?!).

This is why I love Convertkit. Since it is “subscriber-based”, I will only pay once per subscriber even if they appear on several of my lists (can’t complain about that, I mean who wants to be charged twice?).

3) Convertkit is more strategic

You can tailor your emails to your subscribers.

You can use the “tagging” feature to make sure that specific emails are being sent out to specific people on your list.

All you have to do is tag someone as “interested in X or Y” (for example, if a subscriber has opened your article about “how to grow your online business”, they might be interested in learning more.

You can tag them in “interested in online course” for example so that more emails regarding your online course on growing an online business will be sent specifically to the subscribers that have shown more interest.  That’s sweeeeeeet.

4) Convertkit manages your lists of subscribers for you

Convertkit gives you the option to set out “rules” so that the whole process becomes automatic and efficient.

This means less work for you and more time to focus on the other important things in life, like skiing with the lads ;)


For example I use automation rules to find out about my subscribers’ interests by setting up “link triggers”.

When someone clicks on a link in an email, Convertkit can automatically add an “interest” tag to that subscriber so the emails you will send in the future will be more targeted.  And you don’t have to worry about making that happen. It’s all automatic. Just the way I like it 😌

You can also set up an automation, so that the subscribers who make a purchase as a result of an email they received, can be removed from that specific list.

That way they don’t continue to get sales emails, and they don’t feel like they are being spammed. That feature is gold when it comes to keeping everyone happy and engaged.

In short, Convertkit is the best email marketing tool I’ve come across.  It saves me SO much time, makes me more effective, and drives more revenue to my business.